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Online Learning Tips for Parents

How can parents prepare for remote learning at home?

One of the best ways for parents to prepare for continued remote learning at home is to create an environment as close to “typical” school as possible. Help your high school students create a designated space where they can focus on virtual schoolwork. 

How can parents support online learning at home?

Support for your high school child’s online learning can include helping them create - and stick to - a study schedule. If your child is struggling with specific material or with virtual learning overall, you may want to consider individualized online tutoring support.

What should parents’ roles be in distance learning?

For high school students that are learning virtually, parents should offer support and help with time management. However, parents should not be expected to know all the answers to help their children with high school homework. If your child is having difficulty with the subject matter, investing in personalized virtual tutoring can help get them back on track. Tutoring, even online, is a proven effective way for students to improve in their studies.

How can I get my child to focus during remote learning?

Sitting on Zoom for class all day can be difficult for students at any age. If your child has trouble focusing during remote classes, they may benefit from a smaller class or one-to-one instruction for more personalized attention from the teacher and more direct engagement. Beekman runs classes live every day, following a full-day schedule that includes lectures, group exercises, visuals, handouts, homework, and exams.

How can parents motivate students during distance learning?

One of the biggest factors that can take away motivation from your high school students is feeling like they cannot accomplish their goals or learn in a new online format. As a parent, you can find resources to help your student stay on track at The Beekman School, from one-to-one personalized tutoring to flexible scheduling with small virtual classes. Our instructors keep students engaged and motivated by making the process as close to in-person education as possible.

My child is struggling with online learning; how can I help?

Online learning can be difficult for many students, especially as many teachers and lesson plans have been recently adjusted to accommodate this new normal. At The Beekman School, we are experienced in adapting to the individual needs of each of our students, and we have been able to make the transition to hybrid and remote learning smooth for everyone. We can help your child excel in online learning through tutoring, single classes, or an entire curriculum. Beekman’s focus on real-time, engaging instruction, from lectures to class discussions and interactive exercises, helps students get the most out of their online learning experience.

Is online learning effective?

With the right setup, online learning can be just as effective as learning in the classroom. At The Beekman School, our personalized approach to learning has made our transition to online learning a positive experience for our students. Our remote learning and online tutoring options are highly effective in helping high school students succeed because they mirror as closely as possible our in-person setting - small, engaging classes focused on individual students’ needs.

Do you have any tips or resources for parents during distance learning?

Our number-one tip for parents whose children are learning remotely is to check in with your student regularly. Identify areas where your child may need extra help - there are many resources to get your child the support they need to succeed in remote classes. Learn how live, personalized, online classes through The Beekman School can help support you and your child on this online learning journey.