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The Beekman School referral program is our way of honoring those families who share their experiences and knowledge of our school with others.

When a new student enrolls at Beekman based on your recommendation, both families will receive 5% tuition reduction for the academic year of enrollment, and everyone will receive the benefits of The Beekman School’s exceptional standards and support.

The more students you refer, the more you save. Every new enrollment from your referral awards you with an additional 5% off the school tuition. 



  • In order to be eligible as a referring family, your child must be enrolled in Beekman classes (full-time or part-time).
  • If both the referring family and the new family are applying for admission at Beekman, the referring family must submit an application before the new family submits an application.


  • This discount only applies to the school year of enrollment; it is not an annual 5% discount until graduation.
  • The discount does not apply to Tutoring School tuition or administrative and student fees.
  • This program only applies to new enrollees to The Beekman School. Families who referred a student in a previous year cannot claim this award for that student in a subsequent year.

Tuition Credit Application

  • The referring family will receive one tuition credit of 5% for each new student referred. The referring family can receive multiple tuition credits based on the number of new students referred. Each 5% discount is applied to the total tuition amount for the current year, so two referrals result in 10% off the total tuition contract for that student.
  • The new family will receive one tuition credit of 5%, which will be applied to the total tuition for that current school year.
  • If the new family enrolls during the year, both families will receive 5% off their tuition calculated from the date of enrollment through the remainder of that year.
  • The tuition credit has no cash value:
    • To benefit from this award the new family must enroll and pay the contracted tuition minus the 5% referral discount.
    • If the referring family has already paid the annual tuition in full at the time of the enrollment of the new family, the referring family will be issued the corresponding 5% tuition credit, carried over to the next year’s tuition balance.
    • If the referring family is the family of a graduating senior whose account is paid in full, then a refund for the 5% will be issued. All underclassmen carry their credit into the following school year.


  • This award is only applicable for the current school year.
  • Due to The Beekman School’s rolling admissions policy, the referring family can refer a new family anytime during the academic year.
  • There is no application deadline for the new family.



Refer your friends to The Beekman School

The applicant identifies you as the referrer on the application form

Each family receives tuition savings and benefits from our personalized approach to education

We are welcoming students to class this fall either via a hybrid in-person/online learning model in NYC or via fully remote, synchronous online classes. 

Learn more about our re-opening plan and response to COVID-19 >