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School Dyslexia Programs

Students who are diagnosed with dyslexia have trouble with reading as well as comprehending what they read. They also have difficulty building their vocabulary and expressing their knowledge in writing. To help with this, school dyslexia programs are established to guide students in decoding language and improving their reading skills. These programs recognize that dyslexia is a learning difference related to how the brain processes language. This difference makes it difficult for students to complete classroom assignments and homework on time. By participating in a dyslexia educational program, students with reading challenges can work toward attainable academic goals.

Classroom Accommodations and Resources for Dyslexia

We provide classroom accommodations and resources for dyslexia so students are better positioned to succeed on tests and assignments. Dyslexia accommodations allow educators to adjust the way students are introduced to materials and concepts. Testing accommodations range from oral test options to separate testing rooms to extended time. Dyslexia resources in the classroom also support student success. These resources include audio books, dictation tools, and computer software.

Dyslexia Tutoring for High School Students

Students with dyslexia make progress when they have access to the appropriate level of support. Dyslexia tutoring can support students by helping them get additional practice in improving their language skills and expanding their vocabulary. The Tutoring School provides one-on-one instruction that enables students to progress at their own pace. With the benefits of technological resources, knowledgeable educators, and individualized instruction, students with dyslexia can take steps to improve fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. At Beekman, we want to offer the dyslexia help that allows learners to be more confident in their strengths and in managing the challenge of high school academics.