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The Beekman School's Unique Admission Process: Immediate Entry

Authored By: 
Maren Holmen, Academic Liaison

Navigating the complexity of New York City’s high school admission process is not an easy task: tests, auditions, screenings, etc.—all to determine whether a student is “well-suited” for a school. There is nothing more discouraging than being rejected the right to learn because you are not considered to be the “right fit” for a school. Apart from depriving the student of the opportunity to demonstrate his or her true potential, we believe that this practice poses the risk of making a student lose confidence and motivation for individual achievement.

Instead of creating a prolonged process to decide whether a student is “ready” to learn, at Beekman we take a different approach. We give every student, regardless of his or her background, a chance. Our unique admissions policy is a reflection of the best message we could give a student: we believe in you.

The Beekman School does not rely on admissions tests to determine a prospective student's eligibility to attend the high school. Instead, each student and his or her family is invited to an interview to examine whether our school is a good match for that student’s unique needs. Everyone in the interview room knows the student is capable. The only question is whether or not the student is ready. What we look for when we interview students is to see that they want to be in our school and further develop their academic skills, while our role as educators is to inspire them and create the necessary conditions for growth.

Yet, it would be imprecise to associate our straightforward admissions process with a lower level of standards. If a student isn’t ready to put forth the effort necessary to succeed, regardless of the encouragement and personalized support that we offer, they are either withdrawn before June or are not invited to return in September.

If you want to try, however, we are pleased to welcome you and support you along your learning journey. The Beekman School has a rolling admissions policy. Fill in the application form or contact us for more information.