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alternative high school

The Beekman School's Unique Admission Process: Immediate Entry

Navigating the complexity of New York City’s high school admission process is not an easy task: tests, auditions, screenings, etc.—all to determine whether a student is “well-suited” for a school. There is nothing more discouraging than being rejected the right to learn because you are not considered to be the “right fit” for a school. Apart from depriving the student of the opportunity to demonstrate his or her true potential, we believe that this practice poses the risk of making a student lose confidence and motivation for individual achievement.

What Should You Look For in an Alternative High School Program?

There’s a lot of buzz around the term “alternative high school.”  Students (and their parents) who are not performing well in a more traditional setting are looking for other educational options that don’t sacrifice instructional quality.  But what should you be looking for when researching alternative education?

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