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Something’s Gotta Give: Flexibility vs. Academics

Authored By: 
Maren Holmen, Director of The Tutoring School

Every student is unique. We know this better than anyone and we’ve spent the last nine decades making it possible for this uniqueness to complement a top-quality education. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, with their specific ways of learning, particular interests, and distinct aspirations. This individuality is celebrated by the flexibility and the choices they are able to make for themselves at Beekman.

  • Curtis (learning differences) was a hard-working student who struggled with foreign languages.  In The Tutoring School, Curtis was able to follow the same curriculum taught in our Beekman program but at a slower pace.  By extending his Spanish classes through June, he was able to gain a concrete understanding of the language that would have been very difficult in a faster-paced classroom.
  • Lisa (extracurricular activities) was a dedicated ballet dancer who trained multiple hours every day.  She needed a program that allowed her to take classes during the first half of the day so that she could pursue her dance career in the afternoons. With hard work, summer courses, and the flexible class schedule offered by a hybrid of both our Beekman and Tutoring School programs, she was an honor-roll student able to graduate in 4 years.
  • Nelly (extended absence) was a student at a boarding school. When a serious illness sidelined her mid-year, she came home to New York.  Determined to get back to her boarding school before the end of the year, she worked with a Tutoring School teacher to keep up with the work her classmates were learning in her absence and Nelly returned successfully for the final term.
  • David (home-schooling) was a home-schooled student who was so far ahead of his peers that there was no traditional classroom that felt they could teach him at his own pace.  Starting at the age of 10, he took classes in Calculus and Chemistry in our Tutoring School program to give structure to his independent explorations into these advanced topics.  Within three years, he was taking graduate-level mathematics courses at New York University.
  • Malcolm (relocation) was an only child whose parents would bring him along on their business trips in New York City, which often lasted for a month or longer. The Beekman School made it possible for Malcolm to continue his education while in New York so that he could keep learning until he returned to his home state of Kentucky.

Those aspects that make you or your situation unique are the things for which we’ve spent 90 years creating learning experiences that meet you where you are and embrace your own understanding of success.  When there’s a struggle between flexible classes and academics, nothing’s gotta give—if you have a program like Beekman.  The possibilities are endless. See for yourself what our experience and flexibility can do for you.

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