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choosing the right school

How Do You Know If You've Found the Right High School?

If you are the parent of an 8th grader, you are probably in the midst of asking yourself the question, “How do I choose the right high school for my child?”  From asking friends & fellow parents to performing an internet search to going to open houses, you are certain to be presented with a lot of options.  Most (if not all) of them will sound like great places for your child to learn.  So what makes a school the “right” school?

The Right High School: Myth versus Reality

Numerous articles (including our own on this blog) have been written about how to choose the right high school.  Clearly, this is neither easy nor easily quantifiable.  There are many references to making lists, doing your research, and asking questions of everyone you know.  These are all part of choosing the right high school—but it isn’t the core, in my opinion.


Myth:  There’s a right school for every person.

What Should You Look For in a High School?

So you’re starting high school next year.  For some, that means that you need to look for a new school.  There are so many things to consider: Will I like the other kids?  Can I be on the debate team and the soccer team?  Do they let freshman have roles in the spring play?  But you may not have a good strategy for finding that new school and making sure that you’ve done what you can to be successful in high school.

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