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Summertime Fun for History Buffs

The end of the school year is upon us again! I have been eagerly making plans for my summer adventures and slowly gathering a stack of books that is getting taller and taller. As I have said before, summer reading does not have to be a compensatory list of books that students dread reading and save for the last possible second.  Summer can (and should be!) a time to really dig deep into a topic of interest.

Spring Ahead to Summer School

Spring break is just around the corner, so why are we already talking about summer school curriculum??  When many people think of summer school, they envision a room filled with students who are goof-offs, woefully clueless, or angst-ridden.  I’ve been a teacher or administrator of a summer school for high school students for almost 15 years, and, in my experience, the stereotypes from comedy movies are outnumbered by the students who actually populate those classrooms.

How to Fight "Brain Drain" and Still Enjoy Your Summer

We’ve written in the past about how to make sure that summer school won’t ruin your summer or how to make summer courses help you in meeting your educational goals.  However, if you are like most people, you don’t want to think about anything school-related during the summer!  How can you enjoy your summer vacation while not giving in to the “summer slide?”

How Parents Can Help Ease the Transition from Eighth to Ninth Grade

Now that middle school is coming to an end and students know where they will be attending high school next year, there is a little preparation that can be done this summer to help facilitate a comfortable, successful move to a new school this September.  Fear, stress, and anxiety don’t have to be stumbling blocks even if they can’t be entirely removed.

Which brings me to my first point:

How to Evaluate Summer School Programs – Tips for parents on how to choose a good summer school

Now that we’re getting close to the end of the academic year, there are parents and students coming to the conclusion that they need to start thinking about summer classes for high school students in NYC.  Whether it’s summer high school science programs or summer math classes for high school students, finding the optimal setting takes advance planning and now is probably a good time to start looking.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re searching for summer classes in NYC:

Summer School – It’s Not Just For Flunkers Anymore

“Summer school” has been the boogeyman of students in movies and schools for decades: “If you fail this course, you’re going to have to go to SUMMER SCHOOL!”  (Cue scary music and/or demonic laugh.)  But for a growing group of families, summer school (and, particularly, summer school for high school students) is not a punishment but an opportunity—a chance to improve skills, follow a passion, or jump ahead.

5 Tips for Staying Focused During Summer Break

It's summer again—a long-awaited time of rest for many students, time to have fun, explore, travel or dedicate yourself to a new or an old hobby. Who doesn’t want that? As we’ve said in the past, we all need a break, and we probably deserve it.

However, long summer vacations could also make you forget a lot of what you’ve learned over the past school year. And we value the time and effort you’ve put during that time, so we’ve come up with the following five tactics to help you stay focused, avoid summer learning loss, and get ahead with your future goals.

Summertime Viewing: 5 Great Historical Dramas

Summer, with its long, hot, unstructured days full of internships or jobs, trips to the museum, swimming, hikes, bike rides, books, television and films is right around the corner. What a great opportunity to watch some movies that capture key moments in American History! The following list highlights some of my favorite historical films that provide great insight into historical figures and present some inspiring life lessons.


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