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George Higgins

How to Choose the Right High School

High school years are some of the most influential ones in a person’s life.  Children make that transition from being a child to a young adult, and the process of pulling away from parents and establishing independence and a personal identity moves into full swing.  The culture and environment during this pivotal period plays a major influence in the direction a person’s life will take when turning 18 years old.  How do you know if you are choosing the right high school?

Finding and Applying for Scholarships for High School Students

As families feel the economic squeeze more and more, financial aid will become increasingly more important when selecting a private high school.  Paying tuition on top of trying to save for college can put a huge strain on the family budget. The simple solution is seeking a high school scholarship. Simple, yes; but not easy--it takes a lot of planning. There are two main sources of funding for scholarships for high school students--the school itself as well as national and regional scholarship and voucher programs.

Cheaper and Easier Isn't the Best Plan When Preparing for College

Just as in almost every other field, there is competition among schools.  While we like to take the lofty attitude that we are above that, the reality is that with a limited population and many seats to fill, all schools need to be sensitive to attracting potential new members to their student body.  To do that, a multitude of devices are employed such as attractive tuition fees and weakened curricula--often at the expense of quality of education when the goal is a solid college preparatory program.

How Bullying Can Bite the Dust

With the new school year beginning, students and their parents are once again concerned with issues of bullying in school.  As a headmaster, it’s not unusual for a parent (and sometimes even a student) to subtly ask about the level of bullying when interviewing at a new school.

I always answer with confidence: the degree of bullying at our school is almost non-existent.  Predictably, the look of calm relief that washes across the faces in the room is measurable.

Private School Rankings and the High School Myth

Are you starting to look for a school next year?  Just like the college admission game, getting into a private high school in Manhattan can be a strategizing and stressful experience.  Although there isn’t a report like the one U.S. News & World Report publishes so parents can see top ranking schools, there is an unspoken hierarchy passed among parents and other education professionals as to which schools are “the best.”

You’re a Unique Person; We’re a Unique School!

Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in at your school?  Mean kids, exclusive cliques, lunchroom gossip, bullying in the halls, unfriendly teachers, no one listens to you and no one cares?  Most teenagers feel that way at one time or another, but when the atmosphere at school becomes so oppressive that it’s keeping you from performing at your best, it’s time for a change.

Why Transferring Schools Can Be a Good Thing

When you hear the term “transfer student,” you often think of the new kid in town or the person who’s been asked to leave a school.  But a growing number of parents and students are choosing to follow their instincts and leave their current school voluntarily, going against the advice of friends and school professionals in order to establish a fresh start.


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